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Video Art

(caught) (2016)

Director, Editor

A camera-less painted/scratch film made on 16mm exploring the boundaries of the analogue and digital realms.

Music by The Lone Bureaucrat

Winner of Best Experimental Film at Fine Cuts, New York, 2017

Our Own Right Hand The Chains Must Shiver (2015)

Director, Editor

A visual exploration of the transition from Western industrial labour of the 1800s to ‘immaterial’ office labour of the 3rd millennium.

Exhibited alongside my other work at Gallery 67, NYC, 2016.

Winner 1st Prize – ANIMA Film & Music Awards 2014

One (2014)

Director, Editor

Set to the music of Eluvium

8mm film footage is then recorded onto analogue VHS tape and digitalised onto a computer. This footage is then re-recorded onto VHS tape and re-digitilsed repeatedly on to deterioration, allowing film, analogue and digital to merge into an abstract globe of immanent ‘oneness’.