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Philoctetes – An Outsider’s Myth (2017)

Producer, Editor

The Sophocles tragedy of abandonment and betrayal re-envisioned through the story of an African asylum seeker in Athens, Greece.

Sierra Leone’s Disgruntled Youth (2017)

Writer, Editor

Filmmaker Chester Yang explores the youth unemployment crisis in Sierra Leone.

A CY Film Production

Sierra Leone: The Fight Against Ebola (2015)

Associate Producer, Editor

A new documentary depicting the devastating effect of Ebola on Sierra Leone.

A CY Film Production

Temple Wood (2013)

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor

Set in a remote village in the Scottish Highlands, Temple Wood depicts a man’s odyssey into a nightmarish world of Druidic witchcraft whilst searching for his tutor who has mysteriously disappeared.

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__‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace mixed with classic Hammer horror spun together through a 8-bit Nintendo processor’ **4/5 stars

– Varied Celluloid


October Sands (2010)

Writer, Director, Editor

A couple go on a romantic holiday to a beach cottage in October in an effort to re-inject some passion in their relationship, but it all goes horribly wrong.

Exhibited at Finchley Arts Depot (2010).

Rapture (2009)

Writer, Director, Editor

In this story sprung forth from the cracks of a forgotten London, one lonely man escapes into a world of romantic fantasy in the last moments before his death.

BBC funded short film produced by Sarah Stack (Jamaica Inn)

Premiered at British Film Institute and broadcast on BBC2.

“Horrifically powerful…”

– James King (Film Critic on Radio 1 and ITV2’s The Movie Show)

Conflict (2006)

Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

Set to a backdrop of the mist-ridden hills of Scotland, Conflict tells the symbolic journey of one man trying to overcome his darker self.

Winner of the BBC Blast Future Film Awards 2008.

Premiered at the British Film Institute and broadcast on BBC2.

“Conflict just blew me away by the vision the Director had… It captivates you in a way which is unique and very, very rare.”

– Cindy Hanson (BBC Future Film Awards Judge)